🏠 Getting Building permission easy with TS-bpass

Building your dream home in Telangana just got easier with TS-bPASS, a revolutionary online platform that streamlines the building permission process. Forget the long queues, endless paperwork, and frustrating delays. TS-bPASS makes getting building permission in Telangana fast, transparent, and convenient.

What is TS-bPASS?

TS-bPASS, or the Telangana State Building Permission Approval & Self-Certification System, is a single integrated platform launched by the Telangana government in 2020. It simplifies the approval process for various permissions required during land development and construction of buildings, making it a one-stop solution for builders and homeowners.

How does TS-bPASS make things easier?

  • Self-certification: For low-rise residential buildings below 75 sq. m. and 7 m. height, the system allows for self-certification. This means you can declare compliance with building regulations without needing third-party approvals, significantly reducing processing time.
  • Single window system: For larger projects exceeding the self-certification limits, TS-bPASS acts as a single window for obtaining all necessary permissions from various departments, eliminating the need to run around different offices.
  • Online application and tracking: The entire process, from registration to approval, happens online. You can submit applications, upload documents, track progress, and receive approvals electronically, increasing transparency and efficiency.
  • Faster approvals: With online processing and reduced paperwork, approvals are granted much faster compared to the traditional system. For self-certified projects, instant approvals are possible!
  • Reduced costs: Streamlined procedures and online filing eliminate the need for physical submissions and agent fees, potentially lowering overall project costs.

Who can use TS-bPASS?

Any individual or organisation seeking building permission in Telangana can use TS-bPASS, including:

  • Homeowners building new houses or renovating existing ones
  • Architects and engineers submitting plans on behalf of clients
  • Builders and developers constructing residential or commercial projects
  • Local authorities granting permissions

How to use TS-bPASS:

  • Register: Create an account on the TS-bPASS website or mobile app.
  • Choose your project type: Select the type of building project you are undertaking and determine if it falls under the self-certification category.
  • Fill out the application: Provide necessary details about your project, including plot size, building plans, and supporting documents.
  • Pay the fees: Pay the applicable fees online through secure payment gateways.
  • Submit the application: Review and submit your application electronically.
  • Track the progress: Monitor the status of your application and receive updates online.
  • Download the approval: Once approved, download your building permission document electronically.

Additional benefits of TS-bPASS:

  • Transparency: The online platform provides clear information about building regulations, fees, and timelines, facilitating transparency and informed decision-making.
  • Accessibility: Anyone with internet access can utilise the platform, making it accessible even in remote areas.
  • Eco-friendly: By reducing paper usage and travel, TS-bPASS promotes environmental sustainability in the construction sector.

Final thoughts:

TS-bPASS is a game-changer for obtaining building permissions in Telangana. By embracing technology and promoting self-certification, it offers a faster, more convenient, and transparent way to build your dream home or undertake construction projects. So, if you’re planning to build in Telangana, skip the old-fashioned hassles and embrace the simplicity of TS-bPASS!

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