🏠 What to check before buying a Open Plot ?

Choosing a property whether it’s an open plot requires thorough due diligence to ensure a smooth and secure purchase. Here’s a checklist to guide you through the process, categorised by property type:

  • Location: Consider accessibility, proximity to amenities, potential for future development, and environmental factors like noise pollution and flooding.
  • Land Use and Approvals: Verify the land’s sanctioned use (residential, commercial, etc.) and ensure all necessary approvals (building permits, zoning regulations) are in place.
  • Physical Survey: Conduct a physical survey to verify plot dimensions, boundaries, and encroachments.
  • Soil Quality: Get the soil tested to determine its suitability for construction and potential for foundation issues.
  • Water and Electricity Availability: Check the availability of water and electricity connections, and any associated costs for obtaining them.
  • Clear Title Deed: Ensure the seller holds a clear and unencumbered title deed, free from any legal disputes or claims.
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