🏠 Who has to pay GST ? Land owner or Builder? :

In Telangana, knowing how Goods and Services Tax (GST) works is key for landowners and builders involved in real estate. Let’s break it down:

For Builders:

Builders in Telangana have to pay GST on the services they provide, like constructing homes or commercial spaces. The GST rate can vary based on the project type. Staying updated with government notifications is crucial to know the exact rates.

For Landowners:

If you’re selling land in Telangana, the good news is that GST doesn’t usually apply to the land sale itself. But, be careful if you’re offering extra services like development rights or facilities along with the land – GST might come into play for these add-ons.

Seeking advice from a tax professional familiar with GST rules in Telangana is smart for both builders and landowners. They can guide you through the specifics, making sure you’re following the rules and minimising any tax-related headaches. Also, keeping an eye on updates from the Telangana state government ensures you’re always in the know about any changes in GST regulations. Making GST a part of your real estate strategy can help you navigate the market smoothly.

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